TT Kettlebell Revolution v2.0

The TT Kettlebell Revolution v2.0 has taken Craig Ballantyne's original course and injected some adrenaline pumping, muscle building, fat burning, all round kettlebell traning madness to it. Chris combines his knowledge from Turbulence Training system with his own knowledge of using kettlebells spanning a number of years. It's vital with follow an exercise program that's been put together by somebody with all the necessary credentials, and Chris Lopez appears to have what is needed. The objective of these exercises is with bring rapid results within a brief time period. One of the issues faced by those who are busy with their jobs or raising a young family is actually to locate enough hours in the day with go with a gym or follow a difficult workout regime. The best of all, they include special training for women so that it keeps everybody interested in staying in shape to be gender neutral!

You'll also get an ebook that details the method of performing each exercise. For this reason, it is crucial with follow the training of the qualified individual thus that no harm comes to you from carrying out the exercises.


Kettlebell Exercises Circuit


The first exercise is a Kettlebell Squat. For this exercise, hold the KB at chest height in front of you, push your hips back, squat down, and then drive up. Repeat for 20 reps.

The next exercise is known as the Extended Push up. It will be a regular push up with a slight twist in that your hands will be in front of your head. This makes the push up exercise a bit more difficult, especially on your abdominals when you are at the bottom of the exercise. Each workout, try to extend a little bit more.

After all the reps are completed for the push ups, you'll follow with 20 repetitions of Kettlebell Swings. ..


Kettlebell Kickboxing


This is a butt-kicking workout that combines strength training, plyometrics, and martial arts. Kettlebell training not only gives you strength training benefits but cardiovascular benefits as well. Martial Arts is one of the best ways to achieve overall fitness because it develops coordination, balance, power and strength. For the workout you will need a kettlebell, no more than twenty pounds is recommended. A modifier is available to show the exercises using a dumbbell. An exerciser also performs the workout without shoes as this workout is suitable to no foot wear. You will also need an optional floor mat for this workout depending on your workout


Mike Mahler's Kettlebell Workouts

In this workouts two kettlebells are all that you need to increase muscular endurance, lose fat, and build size and strength. Mike Mahler is popular kettlebell instructor, hormone optimization researcher, vegan nutrition expert and fitness information provider in Las Vegas. Kettlebells do not take up much space so you can train in your apartment, backyard, garage, or go outside. The unique value of kettlebells is derived from ballistic (fast exercise) work such as: snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks. Checkout Mahler's must have Kettlebell Training DVD Sets: Kettlebell Training In The Age of Quarrel, Aggressive Strength Three DVD Set, The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength, Collision Course Workshop DVD: Kettlebell Training And Beyond and many more great workouts.




KettleBelle Body

In this women only kettlebell workout you will learn: how to burn off that fat and keep it off for good, to enjoy every workout you ever have, mental tricks to motivate yourself, and much more.

Created by famous UK personal trainer, this program is great if you want great results in minimum time, to fit in your busy lifestyle.

You will also laern how to eat the best foods for fat loss, that will skyrocket your energy and general wellbeing


Free KB Exercises Guide

  • One-Arm Kettlebell Swing
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Snatch
  • Kettlebell Windmill
  • Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up
  • And much more..

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